Tokosan- The Place You Definitely Need To Go To

At Tokosan, they offer a quick and easygoing eating background in set against Japanese restaurant St.Kilda with road style scenery which is very cool. In the area of Prahan, Tokosan is the probably only home to the bars best in town, eateries, shops that Melbourne brings to the table.

For advance Appointments

You have the option of booking in advance in order to ensure your place is reserved as it is usually the destination people love to visit and eat and drink at. Therefore the appointments are accessible through their site online by tapping on the booking catch at the base left corner or by emailing them at

Opening days and hours

The place is open for visitors and food and booze lovers throughout the week, Monday to Saturday for dinners especially and on Friday and Saturday for lunch as people have relatively spare time on weekends as compared to week days. It is also open on Sundays but for brunch only that too for limited time between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The entire Vibe of the place is…

At Tokosan Melbourne they ensure the customers are amidst an agreeable, warm air. Inside the eatery fun Japanese arrangement is an enhancement of craftsmanship and it feels as if you are surrounded by an ocean of dynamic umbrellas and chopsticks swinging from the roof which are mammoth. Outside the eatery, they have spray painting a road which is 16 meters long on a wall, along with neon signs; all making you believe that you have an inclination that you are in one of Tokyo’s laneways.

The music and Tunes played

Visitors are allowed to tune in to DJ tunes, or take it to the amplifier themselves in the karaoke area designated. The room for Karaoke is allowed for advance bookings throughout the week and provides food for capacities and obliges up to 20 individuals.

Food is beyond imagination

The distinctive thing is the menu inspired by and laden with road style Japanese food, which is easygoing and intended for sharing, with dishes which are tempting enough to make the  mouth water, including soft shell tempura crab and shrimp popcorn, along with dozen other scrumptious choices. Talking of choices the team at Tokosan ensures that food choices for vegetarians are also there in the menu so that their eatery is accessible and loved by all.

The most important thing- is the Liquor

The list of drinks available is interestingly named after characters of “Kill Bill”– the business initiators and the founder of the place are immense fans of Quentin Tarantino such that with refined increments like the strawberry liquor, Nikki chime, made with Gin, apple and lime, just to name a few. This not only is reflective of their taste and style but also emerges as one of the reasons why people are attracted to the place. Along with giving it a personalized western touch, this addition of innovation makes it the go to place for Japanese food and ambiance in Melbourne.