Common Japanese Etiquette When Dining

When dining with Japanese friends, relatives, or co-workers, it is best to know some dining etiquette to show respect. Although, the majority of Japanese will understand if one does not follow such traditions. However, it is best to educate oneself and show some good manners. As such, in this article, we will introduce common Japanese etiquette when dining. This can save you during meetings with clients or big celebrations with them:

Proper Sitting

In the traditional Japanese function venues, diners would sit in low tables or ‘chabudai’. Then, people sit on the tatami mats sometimes with a cushion. During formal occasions, both men and women are expected to kneel on the floor near the table when dining. This practice is called the seiza-style. Indeed, those who are not used to kneel for long hours can find the tea ceremonies and other traditional Japanese events as uncomfortable. But during casual gatherings, the men can sit cross-legged while the women can sit with both of their legs on one side only. Furthermore, there is also a seating order to be practiced when dining. For example, the important guests must sit on the ‘kamiza’ or the honored seat. This is situated at the farthest point from the entrance. However, if there is a tokonoma or an alcove, then the guest must sit right in front of it. Finally, the least important person should sit near the ‘shimoza’ or the entrance.

Handling of Utensils

In restaurants and cocktail bar Windsor, they offer an oshibori or steamed towels to guests to clean the hands. Make sure not to use it to wipe the face. However, at home, guests are expected to wash their hands before starting the meal. Today, Japanese use forks, spoons, and knives when dining. However, chopsticks are still commonly mostly used. Practice using chopsticks by holding the top between the index, thumb, and middle fingers just like holding a pen. Next, hold the bottom of the chopstick using the ring finger and the thumb. Move only the top of the chopsticks in picking a food. Furthermore, it is essential not to stick a chopstick into the food especially the rice. It is also improper to pass food from one chopstick to another. Finally, do not wave the chopsticks on top of the dishes or use it to point to somebody else.

Greetings Before and After Meals

Finally, the most important etiquette is the greetings before and after a meal. Say ‘itadakimasu’ before a meal. This can mean the opening of a meal and saying thanks for the preparations. Meanwhile, say ‘gochisousama’ after eating. This can express gratitude for everyone who prepared and cooked the food. In sum, table manners are simple and easy to follow. This must be observed by all people, children and adult alike. Japan is considered to be one of the best culinary countries in the world. The rich taste in every meal makes it become the number one trending topic in various platforms of social media. 

To Abide By A Healthy Lifestyle And Sweet Desserts

To Abide By A Healthy Lifestyle And Sweet Desserts

A combination of sweet and healthy might seem impractical. It can be if you are thinking of the traditional way. But, with the right ingredients, your sweet cravings can be both delicious as well as healthy. I’m sure you can find lots of recipes online with a simple search for healthy cakes or something like that. You shall see that these bakery products include something special. They are referred to be free of grains, nuts, refined sugar, dairy, and even eggs. When you take out all those buttery and processed food items from the preparation you get a healthy and a sweet dish at the end. And, with a little knowledge of baking items, you can create a whole range of sweet desserts.

Desserts for every occasion

We celebrate so many events during a year and something that is common in the food. Either we host dinner or lunch or snacks. If it is a family event there are sure to be kids too. Irrespective of that desserts are a must addition to the whole list of dishes. But, as we are getting health conscious and trying to avoid any medical conditions we are switching. We are switching from too much weight or other issues from unhealthy food, oil, highly processed substances, chemicals, fat and other things with organic stuff. We are switching to a Paleo diet like gluten free cakes Sydney, loaves, cupcakes, and brownies for our regular daily diet. Though not all are aware of such products, many are and they are making a change in their lifestyle.If you are around Sydney or Melbourne, you do not have to open YouTube and follow the steps to make your own cake. You can now order them online. It is possible to order from a complete list of gourmet bakery products around the location and, in some cases, Australia-wide delivery. This is really useful for your body in the long run. You cannot see the effects immediately though you can start to feel the difference between changing to an organic diet. The change when made totally to wholesome food and organic items, the results are significant.

Either way, for all your sweet cravings, is rest assured that you can order homemade products that are not processed or added with chemicals from companies. These Paleo cakes Melbourne and nearby locations are made in-house with fewer orders and complete attention to healthy ingredients. Once the mixture is good enough, it is baked, packed and delivered right to your doorstep. It is a good way to take care of yourself and your family.

What You Can Gain From Choosing To Socialize The Right Way?

Going to a pub or a bar is one of the best ways of socializing and to make new friends. Nevertheless, one who might not like enjoying other people’s company would want to spend some time alone, though might feel anxious about the idea of going out alone. It is sure worth it. Going to a town tavern will give the opportunity to observe people and if you are brave enough you could even make some new friends.

Enjoy yourself

If you really want to enjoy you will have to first choose your bar carefully. The reason is so that certain bars attract different types of people and you might not want to mingle with them or to end up being the odd one. Especially if you’re a woman, drinking alone is viewed as immoral mainly, if you are living in a conservative country. Perhaps, better do your research. If you are craving cocktail and as they are becoming popular do some research on the latest and the best cocktail bars in your town of Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar. Make sure you are dressed in something smart and comfortable.

To Socialize to the Maximum

Once you are at the bar you might be confused about where to sit. To sit at a barstool hunched may make you uneasy but it is the best way to make friends if you are interested. Sitting at a table will be great for people-watching. If you want to strike up a conversation with some strangers you can ask them to recommend their favourite drink or the popular drink in the menu this is a great way of starting up a conversation and will eventually lead into a friendly conversation with those around you. If you are still feeling hesitant to socialize let others approach you. The simplest and the obvious way is to look around and to make eye contact with people around you this would show that you are friendly and interested in a conversation.If you are putting together a bachelorette party so that you can socialize with your friends, then make sure that you look into classy hen’s night ideas for a perfect hens packages so that you can have the best of it to catch up with your friends.

You Get to Please Your Taste Buds with Different Flavors

Many have not realized the fact the flavours can be vastly different even in the same spirit category and if you are not very familiar with the ingredients don’t be afraid to ask the bartender the ingredients used, and you could even request a taste. It is all about enjoying yourself so be honest let the bartender know about your preference so that you are more likely to be pleased with your drink. However, if you do not enjoy your drink speak up politely because if you do so in a polite manner the bartender might be willing to offer you something else.

5 Ideas For Businesses You Can Start In A Week

If you have an idea of starting a business congratulations! You are in for an adventure that will surely elevate your life. However, due to many constraints like time and money, we tend not to take that leap into the world of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t have to be like that. Here are 5 businesses that you can start in less than a week. Hope you will be inspired to try out your own.

Food Truck

If you have a passion for cooking and love to be around people a food truck can be the perfect thing for you. With a few of your favourite recipes and a smile, getting a mobile food business for sale can be a start of something beautiful. Do some research on places where you can park and make sure you’re not breaking any rules. Since it’s a local business spread the word around through some friends and see how things go. Don’t overwhelm yourself with food that is hard to make. A few dishes that you’re familiar with can be all that you need.

Online Store

In a day and age where everything is sold online, an online store can be a perfect way for you to sell goods. If you’re good at making something, whether it be pies, jams or birthday cards starting a shop online can be the way to go. There are many services out there that you can use to make a website and integrate an online store. Use social media to market your store and presto! You’re in business. Make sure to accept a volume of orders you can complete and have a delivery strategy in mind.


If you have knowledge or skills in some field there are many people who can use your advice. Whether it be personal finances or public speaking training, you can easily give them your services. With modern technology, a session can be done via Skype or even a phone call. You don’t really need an office, home or office visits are a great way to bypass the need for an office and this extra service will be appreciated by your clients. With some marketing and some contacts, you can be on your way to success.


If you’re not driven enough to start your own food truck you can blog about a food van for sale from Scorpion Mobile Cafes. Blogging is a great way to start or accompany a business and it can be done by anyone who can write even remotely well. Of course, it would take some time and effort to make it a lucrative trade but it will be worth it. Start blogging and make a name for yourself and the opportunities will start flowing your way.

Event Management

If you have a talent for organising this could be the perfect business for you. You literally don’t need anything for this other than a list of contacts and a book or a laptop to keep yourself organised. Start small with friends and close acquaintances and this can easily be a gold mine.Starting your own business can be hard but it’s not impossible. If you’re passionate about something make sure it earns you some money.